Precision Air, CRDB partner on flight tickets online payments

PRECISION Air passengers can now book and buy flight tickets online thanks to a partnership deal inked with CRDB in the use of its digital channels.

Precision Air Group Managing Director and CEO, Mr Patrick Mwanri said in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday that the system would enable flight passengers to pay air ticket without visiting the airline offices.

“Our customers will now be able to access the CRDB digital channels to perform various activities including air tickets booking online which is accessible anytime and at anyplace,” he said.

The partnership deal between Precision Air and CRDB will help addressing various challenges during air tickets bookings including long queues.

Mr Mwanri said the service will not only help local passengers but also those living outside the country and members of Tanzania’s Diaspora who would be able to make payments through their diaspora cards.

CRDB Group Managing Director and CEO, Mr Abdulmajid Nsekela said Precision Air customers are exposed to various online services, but being able to make online payments is a vast step for the airline company, which has 30 years of service in the country.

“Precision is serving many customers both local and the foreign who are able to access the unpaid services digitally, but this time around they will be able to make payments online,” Said Mr Nsekela

He said CRDB has been conducting various payments physically where customers are required to make physical visits to the bank’s agents which are by far time-consuming, thus leading to the execution of the services to make it easier.

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