PPAA solves all disputes in three years

DAR ES SALAAM: PUBLIC Procurement Appeals Authority (PPAA) has managed to solve 100 per cent of the procurement disputes brought before it in the last three years. In the three years, the Authority managed to solve 129 disputes before the appeal board successfully.

PPAA Executive Secretary Mr James Sando said the success was based on the authority’s ability to identify violations of evaluation procedures, including non-observance of the parameters set in the tender folder as per the governing regulations.

The case-solving prevented the tenders from being awarded to bidders who failed to meet tenders’ qualifications in the 129 disputes.

The Executive Secretary was speaking last week during the training of complaint and appeal management module using the National e-Procurement System of Tanzania NeST in Dar es Salaam.

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He said out of the disputes, 27 bidders were awarded tenders despite lacking working capital. Additionally, Mr Sando said 23 per cent of the 129 disputes heard were found to have various flaws in its procurement process.

Mr Sando said the technology through the NeST system will increase transparency quickly and fairness since all information related to a disputed tender will be easily obtained.

PPAA is also in the process of developing the 2024 Public Procurement Appeal Regulations to provide a wide scope for submitting complaints including the supply chain system.

He said the regulations would bring fair competition and allow bidders to compete fairly and transparently in various tenders.

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