Postal operators urged to improve security in service delivery

TANZANIA has implored Pan African Postal Union (PAPU) member states to accord special attention in beefing up safety and security in delivery of its postal services.

Opening a three-day Universal Postal Union (UPU) Advanced Certification Training Workshop for Postal Security Experts in Arusha on Wednesday, the Deputy Permanent Secretary (PS), Ministry of Information, Communication and Information Technology Mr Mohamed Abdalla said that safety and security of the postal sector was part of the global supply chain and critical to supporting communication and trade.

The deputy PS said that Tanzania recognises that the UPU is providing security mentorship to the least developed countries in finding appropriate security measures, standards and procedures in the supply chain to cope with the rest of the world.

He added that Tanzania has National Postal Policy of 2003, which has a dedicated section emphasising on optimal postal security and safety to tackle any threats from modern day terrorism, while ensuring that any distribution of narcotics, contraband and other undesirable articles are prohibited in the country.

Theft, loss and violation of postal items are currently on the decline, but remain a major concern if the Country does not act in enhancing security to preserve the integrity of the industry.

Mr Mohamed thanked the Director General of the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and the Secretary General of the Pan African Postal Union (PAPU) for their convergence of minds in coming up with this humbling choice of Tanzania as venue for the important experts meeting a gesture which will ever be proudly cherished by Government of Tanzania.

The postal security experts’ certification workshop, serves as a platform to unite post service experts from Tanzania and various regions within Africa, illustrating the geographical proximity in the world of postal services.

Speaking at the event, the PAPU Secretary General Mr Sifundo Chief Moyo called upon all designated postal operators in Africa to be vigilant and always minimise the risks that could befall their businesses and affect their postal staff, assets and mail matter.

He called upon the security managers and postal security experts present at the meeting to demonstrate their quest to push the postal security and quality of service agendas to the next level, in order to tap into the global e-commerce markets, adding that optimum security has preserved customers’ trust in the industry for over centuries.

TCRA has played a central role in preparation of the meeting and is one of the key participants in the historical meeting.

PAPU Headquarters is Tanzania, based in Arusha where the continental body new head office complex has reached 80 per cent of construction owned jointly by PAPU and TCRA.

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