Police tighten noose on criminals

THE government through the Police Force has outlined a number of measures being taken to tame rising crime in the country as it assures the public of their safety.

Minister for Home Affairs, Hamad Yusuf Massauni said yesterday in Dodoma that the government has taken very seriously crime incidents being reported in various parts of the country, warning that no stone will be left unturned in the fight against the vices.

He called upon citizens to continue with their activities without fear because the police force is capable of fighting any kind of crime in the country.

Masauni explained that the police were taking long term and short term measures to contain crimes in the country.

He said that some measures are visible while others are not, but all in all the public should have trust in their force because it is working day and night to ensure such incidents are contained.

The minister said among the short measures include dismantling the entire criminal network which involves criminals themselves, those who assist them and buyers of stolen items.

He said that it has come to the government attention that those who lead the gang groups are some prisoners who have been released after completing their jail terms. “This needs long and short term measures to address it, such as review of our correctional system in prison,” Minister Masauni said.

The Minister further said that the government has also provided vehicles to the police force in every district to facilitate movement, noting that the recently recruited 4,000 assistant inspectors have been dispatched to every ward in the country.

“We are going to strengthen security system at ward level, the ward assistant inspector will have a huge task to make the system operational in dealing with criminals” he insisted.

On his part, Inspector General of Police (IGP), Camillius Wambura issued a strong warning against all criminals, insisting that their days are numbered.

He said the Police Force through its plans is well prepared to conduct various operations. He noted that the first thing the police should do is to prevent crimes through operations and manhunt to ensure that citizens remain safe while the force proceeds with other operations.

“So far we have managed to arrest a big number of criminals who were involved in the previous incidents, but we are also proceeding with an operation to arrest all people who in one way or another are collaborating, cause or support the criminals.

He said that although the Police have arrested criminals involved in various incidents, he issued a strong warning to those who are planning to commit crimes either without knowing what is going on or defy police orders, to withdraw their plans because the force will not accept such incidents to happen… “I am warning them that this moment is not favorable to them.”

He said that since the criminals are fighting with the government, he cautioned that the force has never failed to fight any criminal.

On those who receive stolen properties, the IGP said that they are considered as criminals of stolen properties, saying some of them open up shops to sell the items such as televisions, radios and mobile phones among others.

He said this group has been highly contributing to the increasing theft incidents because without them the former could have nowhere to sell the stolen items.

The IGP called upon wananchi to cooperate with the police force by providing information which will help in the arrest of criminals because they live with them in the society. “They should find appropriate and safe ways of providing such information to the police.”

“The public should bear trust with the police force, it has never failed in any mission, their safety is guaranteed” he insisted.

He urged local government leaders to strengthen community security groups in their areas which will work closely with the Police Force in strengthening security in residential areas.


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