Police step up security in Arusha

ARUSHA: THE Police Force in Arusha Region in collaboration with other security organs stepped up security during year-end festivals, a measure that helped to contain crime.

Addressing journalists here yesterday, Arusha Regional Police Commander (RPC) Justine Masejo said that the residents celebrated the end-year festivities in peace while refraining from any crime.

“Police in Arusha Region with other security and defence organs   succeeded to step up security, significantly controlling criminal incidents to a large extent,” RPC Masejo said.

The police assured the residents and visitors that Arusha Region is safe asking whoever visits the region to celebrate the festivals without fear.

He said the Police Force heightened security at worshiping buildings, entertainment halls and all other recreational places by conducting patrols.

Before the festivals, police assured regional residents of heightened security.

“We will ensure that houses of worship, entertainment halls and other places in all the   region are fully protected and our police officers will be patrolling on foot and by vehicles,” Arusha regional police boss was quoted as saying.

According to the RPC, the Police Force continued to enforce road safety laws, rules and regulations to control road accidents, including conducting  inspections on  driving licences.

A total of 8,142 drivers had their driving licences checked. Among them, 776 were declassified for lack of qualifications and drivers were required to go to driving school.

He also urged Arusha residents to continue providing support to police by reporting criminals and crime so that the region continues to remain safe.

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