Police: operation against ‘Panyaroad’ successful

Police Force in five regions said they have managed to clampdown the notorious youth criminal gang marauding as ‘Panyaroad’ in the ongoing crackdown to eradicate crime in the country.

Regional Police Commissioners for Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, Mwanza, Arusha and Dodoma made the statement during a virtual meeting on the security situation and efforts taken by police in controlling crime in the cities.

The police embarked on the massive operations following reported criminal incidents in various parts of the country, where the panyaroads were mentioned.

Dar es Salaam Special Zone Police Commander ACP Muliro Jumanne Muliro said the security situation in the city has improved, adding that crackdown to clear them has been by 87 per cent successful, and the operation still ongoing.

ACP Muliro said the police strategy in Dar es Salaam region is to ensure safety of people and their property, and currently it has 54 suspects already taken to court and grilling also ongoing on others still in custody.

The regional police boss added that the law enforcers were using legal procedures to control crime in the city, including spying, arresting and bringing the culprits to court, further saying that they use reasonable forces, where the suspects tend to endanger lives of the officers and civilians during arrests.

He added: “The source of these young people aged 14 years and above in crime is poor upbringing at the community level… I encourage parents and guardians to raise their children with good morals, including sending them to school and educating them on the consequences of criminal acts.”

On his part, Mbeya Regional Police Commander (RPC) ACP Benjamin Kuzaga said they were continuing with the crackdown, adding that the police have so far brought to court 50 suspects in the swoop.

He further said some 62 suspects are still being interrogated and thereafter will be taken to court.

In the course, ACP Kuzaga noted that they have succeeded also in seizing some of stolen properties and returned them to their right owners.

Elaborating, he said the police will continue educating and encouraging citizens to cooperate in naming the criminals in their midst, instead of harbouring them.

Equally, he appealed to the public to report people they suspect to be criminals instead of lynching them.

Commenting, Mwanza Regional Police Commander ACP Ramadhani Ng’anzi said his area has also intensified the crackdown both on land and water, because most parts of the region is surrounded by water.

In the course, ACP Ng’azi said the police have succeeded in seizing 6 stolen boats and 600kg of khat.

“The security situation in Mwanza is stable and no groups of criminal youngsters like Panyaroad are a threat. The dream of the police force in the region is to make people sleep in their homes comfortably even with doors opened,” he said.

On his part, Arusha Regional Police Commander (RPC) ACP Justine Masejo said his team has succeeded in controlling group(s) of criminals known marauding as tatumzuka, who use motorcycles to rob women of their handbags on the streets.

ACP Masejo said that from August to October, this year they have seized 1.9 tonens of khats imported from neighboring countries, 0.25 tonnes of marijuana and 460 litres of illegal alcohol.

He noted that the strategy of the police force in Arusha region is to arrest the criminal before committing crime.

Dodoma Regional Police Commander (RPC) ACP Martin Otieno said they have been patrolling day and night to ensure that citizens continue carrying out their income-generating activities safely.

ACP Otieno said the police were maintaining security in collaboration with Ward Executive Officers to the extent of forming some 56 community security groups in the region.

Recently the government through the Police Force outlined a number of measures being taken to tame rising crimes in the country as it assures the public of their safety.

Minister for Home Affairs, Hamad Yusuf Massauni said in Dodoma recently that the government has taken very seriously crime incidents being reported in various parts of the country, warning that no stone will be left unturned in the fight against the vices.

He called upon citizens to continue with their activities without fear because the police force is capable of fighting any kind of crime in the country.

Masauni explained that the police were taking short and long term measures to contain crimes in the country.

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