Police nabs seven over witchcraft-motivated murder

THE Police Force in Mwanza has arrested seven people over killings related to witchcraft.

According to the regional police, it has nabbed three people suspected of raping and murdering Ms Ester Lukonu (51).

In another incident, the police also arrested another four people for allegedly attacking and killing Ms Katarina Luzali and her husband Mr Joseph Kanyasa (50).

The two incidents occurred in Magu District, reportedly motivated by witchcraft beliefs, Mwanza Regional Police Commander, (RPC) Mr Wilbroad Mtafungwa said on Wednesday.

Mr Mtafungwa said on May 10 this year at Bugumangala Village Ms Lokunu reportedly had her neck and private part chopped and her body left on the cassava farm.

He mentioned Mr Masunga Mabula (32), Salome Raphael (32) and Ezekiel Charles (45) as witchdoctors behind the killing of Ms Lukonu.

They are alleged to have killed Ms Lukonu shortly after raping her.

“There is clear evidence that shows that Ms Lokunu was raped by the accused. On the scene where the crime was happened used condoms were found,”

“After grilling the accused, they admitted to have done that,” RPC Mr Mtafungwa said.

He said all the evidence concerning the crime have been collected for further investigation and the accused will be taken to court.

Furthermore, RPC Mr Mtafungwa said back on April 26 this year around 00:30 pm at Matale Village Ms Luzali (48) was found dead.

Ms Luzali died after being cut on her neck with the sharp-edged device by unknown people who also injured her husband Mr Kasanya (50) who was attempting to rescue his wife.

He said that Ms Luzali’s husband later on died while getting treatment at the Sekour Toure Mwanza Regional Hospital.

RPC Mtafungwa said the suspects were Eunice Lunzari (50), Bernad William (86), Maguta Chandaruba (48) and Mashaka Maduka (43), all reside at Matale Village have been arrested for committing the crime after a police probe.

He thanked all citizens who gave cooperation to the police force during the investigations that led to the arrest of all the suspects.

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