Police nabs 13 suspects for killing 16-year girl

POLICE in Dodoma region have arrested 13 people in connection with the murder of a sixteen-year-old pupil Farida Makuya last week at Mtumba area in the outskirts of the country’s capital.

According to the Dodoma Regional Police Commander (RPC) Martin Otieno, the suspects were nabbed after a successful police manhunt, and all of them are still in custody for interrogation to reveal their involvement with the incident that shocked the city early last week

RPC Otieno expressed that among the suspects were women and once the investigation was complete they would be aligned to the court for murder.

“A deep investigation is underway; we need people to be calm so that the true identity of the assailants is revealed so that justice could be victorious,” expressed the regional police boss.

Mr Otieno said the Police Force had heightened security in the city of Dodoma to fight against criminal incidents but he also urged the people to cooperate with the force in order to protect citizens and their property.

The late Farida was a pupil at Mtumba Primary School, she was killed last Tuesday by unknown people after being hit on the head with a heavy object one night before starting her standard seven national examinations.

She was buried the other day in the Mtumba cemetery, however, several social and human rights groups called for justice for her.

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