Police: Katavi’s GBV cases rise this year

ABOUT 270 cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV) have been reported in Katavi Region between January and September this year.

This is an increase of 30 incidents up from 240 cases reported last year and estimated as 12.5 per cent.

Unveiling the report, while updating journalists on the GBV incidents in the past nine months (January -September 2022) in the area Katavi Regional Police Commander (RPC) Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Mr Ali Makame, , he further said: “There is an increase of 30 GBV incidents which is equivalent to 12.5 percent…. I’m asking parents and members of public to actively protect the girls from all sorts of violence.”

He added that most of the victims are children and women of about 60 percent, where teenage girls lead in homes and the remaining percentage take place in other places.

“I’m calling upon parents or guardians as well as communities to create a friendly environment for the girl-child to prosper academically in efforts aimed at fighting gender based violence,” said Mr Makame.

Equally the RPC urged the society to build a culture of making follow-up and report acts of violence against children.

Initially, mid this year the Minister for Gender, Elderly and Special Groups, Ms Dorothy Gwajima said her docket had started reviewing Section 29 of the Child Act 2009 and other laws related to child protection in order to identify gaps and improve them so that they address children’s needs.

“The Ministry has formed a tas force which is working closely with the office of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in reviewing the Act for proper amendment. Here, the government has set aside 45m/- to review the laws related in child protection” the minister said.

In the address, Tanzania Network of Legal Aid Providers’ (TANLAP) Executive Director, Ms Christina Kimili called on the government to enact anti- GBV legislation that will offer more protection for the victims and survivors.

The head of the right group says a comprehensive anti – GBV law would provide a better solution on providing justice to victims and survivors of sexual, child and domestic violence currently reported across the country.

“It is the right time the government enacts a special legislation to handle cases related to GBV incidents,” she emphasized.

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