Police in Geita warns public against mistreating animals

GEITA Regional Police Commander (RPC), Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Safia Jongo has warned the public against the growing tendency of mistreating animals, arguing that such acts endanger the safety of both animals and humans.

ACP Jongo sounded the warning recently in an exclusive interview with the ‘Daily News’, few days after the reported incident of a cat attacking a child in Lulembela Village in Mbogwe District.

She said the preliminary report revealed that  violation of animals’ rights was the cause for  domestic animals especially cats, dogs and donkeys turning against human enemies.

“It is common for someone to throw a stone at a passing cat or dog   without any reason. As a self-defence, the animal might attack the human being,” she said.

She added: “If the donkey is carrying loads for you, make sure that the donkey is fairly treated,” she directed.

ACP Jongo urged Geita residents to observe the procedures of animal husbandry and breeding, which require the owner to vaccinate the animal at least once a year to control diseases.

“Therefore, it’s a time now for public and private institutions to work responsibly, animals should be vaccinated,” she insisted.

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