Police, communities must say no to crimes

Despite recent crackdown on juvenile criminals in Dar es Salaam, sporadic crime incidents have continued to wreak havoc among city residents.

The latest in the series of such deplorable incidents occurred at Viwege area, Majohe ward in Ilala district on Sunday night.

While we commend the efforts being taken by Dar es Salaam regional authorities and law enforcers to curb criminal activities, we must as well remind them that these criminals will always exploit any loophole to carry out their evil acts.

Police should not give these criminals any breathing space and must commit more resources to ensure the safety of people and their properties.

The purpose of police work is to prevent all violations of the law and disturbances by eliminating and investigating all such incidents. That, it is the duty of our police officers to secure the rule of law; maintain public order and security; prevent, detect and investigate crimes and take to task the perpetrators of crime incidents.

It is high time the police take deliberate measures to end crimes in our areas once and for all. This could be achieved with regular patrols in different areas.

Importantly, the police need to cooperate with other authorities and with local residents and communities in maintaining security.

Preventive action plays an important part in maintaining people’s sense of security. Hence, our law enforcers must ensure they stop crimes before they happen.

Community policing, which constitutes carrying out basic police functions competently and efficiently in close contact with residents, should  not be an option, rather mandatory.

Community policing is important to provide both security and a sense of security, to reduce and prevent crime and unlawfulness.

But fighting crimes is every citizen’s responsibility. Everyone must assume this responsibility diligently for their own safety and the safety of their fellow citizens.

This calls for structured cooperation between the police and other authorities and the public.

Regional and local security plans lay the foundation of our everyday security.

While the police remain the most important actors in improving and maintaining order and security, the responsibility rests with each and every one of us.

We should all say no to criminals and play an integral part in protecting our lives and properties.

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