PM tells leaders to adhere to rule of law

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa on Saturday instructed government leaders to effectively supervise implementation, including sensitising the public on the country’s laws and regulations.

The Premier noted with concern that people were increasingly taking laws in their hands by mistreating others, the acts which should be condemned and stopped.

Mr Majaliwa stated this Saturday in Morogoro during a joint meeting with sectoral ministers, permanent secretaries and deputy permanent secretaries, regional and district security committees in Morogoro region.

“In our offices we have various files on government’s guidelines that are supposed to reach our citizens, we should provide education to the citizens and carry out our duties effectively,” he stated.

He went on condemning the widespread corruption from village level.

“This should be discussed. Various leaders engage in fuelling land conflicts, this is unacceptable because we create fear instead of ensuring that such acts do not occur.”

“You can find that cows are directed to graze in crop fields, and when a farmer inquires he or she ends up being assaulted and even killed. This is bad in our country and we must stop it,” he stated.

During the meeting, Mr Majaliwa also reminded leaders that when President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan seemed to be not pleased with certain issues government leaders should quickly find solutions.

He mentioned some of the things which seemed to irritate the President include destruction of water sources.

“President’s directives must be implemented. Leaders in all regions with pastoralists, farmers and water sources are supposed to organise themselves well and put in place strategies to address problems,” he said.

He was optimistic that the meeting in Morogoro would draw a roadmap for implementation of directives countrywide over controlling destruction of water sources.

“We must move together in coordinating this so that all that we have planned can bring huge economic benefits,” he stated.

The Prime Minister further said Morogoro Region is among 11 regions in the country facing a huge challenge of conflicts between pastoralists and farmers, a situation which leads to killings and injuries.

He said the government is not pleased with such acts which claim lives of people, including destruction of properties.

He emphasised the importance of government leaders to ensure that they effectively manage water sources.

The meeting was attended by, among others, Livestock and Fisheries Minister Mashimba Ndaki, Minister of state in the President Office (Regional Administration and Local Governments), Anjela Kairuki, Deputy Minister for Lands and Human Settlement Development, Ridhiwani Kikwete, and Agriculture Deputy Minister, Anthony Mavunde.

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