PM suspends Kisarawe acting DED for misconducts

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has suspended the Acting District Executive Director (DED) for Kisarawe District Council, Mr James Chitumbi, for allegations of violating codes of conduct for public leaders.

Speaking at a meeting with officials in Kisarawe District yesterday during his ongoing working visit of Coast Region, the PM said the suspended Acting DED had committed a number of misconducts, which do not befit his position as public leader.

The Premier hence directed Coast Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS), Ms Zuwena Omary, to assign another person to act in the position, adding that; “You should assign someone who will be able to work closely with the Kisarawe District Commissioner.”

“Since the acting DED was appointed to the position by RAS, I direct that he should be suspended and reinstated to the department in which he was working before the appointment. You should thus appoint another person to act in that position.

“In case you fail to find a suitable person for the position then you should consult the Permanent Secretary and the Minister (President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government Authorities) for appointment of DED,” Mr Majaliwa instructed the RAS.

Mr Majaliwa used the occasion to remind public leaders to adhere to codes of conducts and respect official protocols and chain of command in their day-to-day activities.

On the other hand, the PM instructed heads of departments in local government authorities to closely and effectively supervise implementation of development projects in their respective areas.

“We want Tanzanians to be served efficiently; you are servants of the people in your positions as public employees. You should make close follow up on development projects for betterment of the people,” he told the officials during the meeting.

In a related development, the Premier directed the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) to investigate former revenues officer at Kisarawe District Hospital, Mr Fredy Bandai, on allegations of occasioning a loss of 253m/-.

The PM further directed that the official, who has ever since been transferred to Mtwara Rural should be brought back to Kisarawe and suspended from public service.

“The official should be suspended and brought back to Kisarawe. He should be questioned to offer details on funds amounting to 253m/-, which he collected at the district hospital but the amount is unaccounted for,” he directed.

On the other hand, Mr Majaliwa directed local government authorities to pay more attention in procurement of materials and equipment used in undertaking development projects in their respective areas.

The Premier emphasised that proper procurement of materials and equipment is crucial for timely implementation of development projects, which are aimed at providing social services to the citizenry.

He also urged Chairpersons of local government authorities to make close follow up of procurement of materials used in such projects by using internal auditors to verify the costs which are quoted in the process.

“I have noticed that procurement costs in Kisarawe District are very high and as a result many projects are stalling. Worse still, these are funds disbursed by the central government,” he decried.

During the meeting, the PM also directed Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Authority (DAWASA) to continue searching for new sources of water in order to increase water supply in Dar es Salaam and Coast regions.

Mr Majaliwa pointed to the fact that the increased population, establishment of new factories and other human activities in the two regions necessitate increased supply of the precious liquid.

At the same occasion, Deputy Minister in President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government Authorities), Dr Festo Dugange, said the government has disbursed 6bn/- to Kisarawe District to construct dispensaries, health centres and major rehabilitation of Kisarawe District Hospital.


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