PM stresses issuance of approved EFD receipts

COAST REGION : PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has directed District Commissioners (DCs) to ensure that the Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFDs) receipts being used are from the machines which have been approved and registered by the government.

According to the Premier, the DCs must implement the directive through district revenue committees by meeting with officers of the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) and revenue departments in councils.

The Prime Minister ordered for an inspection of business areas to ensure that the Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFDs) receipts being used are valid.

“It is important for each leader to take part in encouraging the use of EFDs and make follow up on issuance of receipts without causing inconveniences to traders,” the PM said.

The Premier issued the directives yesterday during the climax of Tourism and Blue Economy Week held at Mafia District in Coast Region.

The development comes after learning that there are people who engage in selling EFDs receipts to traders or people who buy goods without receipts.

Majaliwa also directed TRA to continue providing education and encourage appropriate use of EFD machines.

“Whenever you go to buy any good whether in shops or other areas you should make sure that you are provided with EFD receipts from approved machines… we will continue to conduct impromptu inspections,” Majaliwa told wananchi.

Majaliwa said the issuance of receipts from unregistered EFD machines is contrary to the law and business requirements in the country. He directed TRA to continue observing the law, regulations and procedures and ensure that each trader abides by the country’s laws.

He said TRA should carry out close monitoring   to ensure that traders are provided with EFD machines with buyers given receipts without causing any inconveniences to all parties involved.

The PM said the aim of the government is to make sure that there is conducive environment to enable both local and foreign traders carry out business comfortably.

He further directed District Commissioners to meet with traders and listen to their challenges and provide advice to increase efficiency in their businesses.

Meanwhile, the PM has directed Coast Region and Mafia District leaders to craft strategies of marketing tourism attractions available in their areas in order to attract more visitors.

“The region should come up with a strategy of empowering citizens who engage in Blue Economy activities … the regional and district governments should provide youths with information and education on how to benefit from various opportunities, including accessing loans to boost their businesses,” he said.

The PM also used the opportunity to encourage Tanzanians to build a culture of visiting various tourism destinations in the country.

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