PM puts dishonest servants on notice

KIGOMA: PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has said the government will constitute and deploy a special investigation team to probe the network of dishonest public servants in Kigoma District that is siphoning public funds.

The Premier spoke of the plan on Friday when speaking to religious leaders, the government and ruling party CCM leaders as well as employees of the Kigoma Ujiji Municipal Council and Kigoma District Council, in Kigoma Region.

“Here, the municipality receives funds, it stays in the account for a while and then it disappears, it is not known how it is spent. I will bring a team here to conduct thorough investigation…the team will not stop here; they will go to the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Governments (PO-RALG)), so that we can trace the entire chain,” Mr Majaliwa emphasised.

He said the funds from the central government are disbursed with specific instructions as to what activities they are going to perform, while those from councils’ internal collection their allocations must be approved by councillors.

Citing an example, Mr Majaliwa said that Kigoma Municipality received 500m/- from the PO-RALG, adding the funds remained in the account for a long time before they disappeared.

“Another 447m/- was allocated for Kigoma but when it was about to be withdrawn, the District Executive Director (DED) Ms Mwantum Mgonja blocked it,” he added.

The Premier commended the DED for blocking the withdrawal of the money, instructing her to continue preventing the loss of public funds.

Mr Majaliwa also said that the government continued to question the previous DED who was there when 500m/- disappeared.

In a related development, PM also highlighted some problems that face Kigoma DC including embezzlement, low revenue collections due to disputes, among others.

“There are officials who have paid themselves 11m/- as an allowance for the trip to Dodoma…they have also spent 6m/- for car service, what kind of car is this?” the PM questioned.

He added: “Other officials have spent 9m/- on the International Day of the African Child while others  paid themselves 14.8m/- for travelling to Tabora Region to attend the  Agricultural Exhibition (Nane Nane), how many days did you spend there?”

In particular, he directed the probe team formed by PO-RALG to quickly investigate the councils regarding the problems and   submit its report to the minister of the docket.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister, Mr Kassim Majaliwa has demanded public servants across the country to emulate President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan commitment on listening to citizens’ problems.

He made the call at  a meeting that attracted  Uvinza District Council’s workers and citizens held at Nguruka Primary School’s grounds in Kigoma Region.

“If the Head of State, our President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan, keeps on  visiting citizens to listen to their problems across the country, why not you?  Mr Majaliwa queried.

He directed the Uvinza District Commissioner (DC) Dinah Mathamani to ensure all workers visit their citizens to listen to their problems and resolve them.

Mr Majaliwa said they must schedule a timetable and use the resource available at their working stations including vehicles to work for the  citizens.

Likewise, he urged leaders to survey all plots in their districts and provide title deeds which will enable citizens to access bank loans among other benefits.

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