PM orders review of drilling agency

LINDI: PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has directed the Water Ministry and the Treasury Registrar to review the performance of the Drilling and Dam Construction Agency (DDCA) and establish whether it still holds validity to continue working autonomously.

The DDCA operates within the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (RUWASA).

Premier Majaliwa made the directive while in Lindi Municipality in Lindi Region after touring the RUWASA offices and witnessing an idle well-drilling machine.

“Why has this machine not been in operation for the past six months, while in other regions it has already been put in use?” questioned PM Majaliwa during the visit.

Last month the government merged 16 public institutions and abolished four others in a bid to enhance efficiency.

The government informed the public that the state’s decision was aimed at strengthening the public institutions and enhancing their contribution to the country’s economy.

The decision came a few months after the government formed a team of experts to conduct an in-depth analysis of the performance of public organisations, identify practical challenges and recommend measures to increase the productivity of the country’s development.

Following the information and recommendations of the expert team, the government approved and directed the merging of 16 institutions and the cancellation of four public institutions.

Additionally, Majaliwa instructed the Minister of Water, Jumaa Aweso, to visit the offices of the RUWASA and the Lindi Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (LUWASA) to address existing shortcomings, including the non-utilisation of a well-drilling vehicle provided by President Samia Suluhu since June 2023 to facilitate water well drilling.

Majaliwa sought detailed explanations for the machines not operating over the past six months, emphasising the need for accountability.

“For the past seven months from June to date, you haven’t drilled even a single well with claim of mud everywhere, despite President Samia Suluhu Hassan bringing in equipment, and you when do you want wells to be drilled?” Mr Majaliwa posed.

He further stated that it was not appropriate for one institution to have two agencies performing the same task.

“You cannot have two agencies doing the same job within one institution,” Majaliwa emphasised.

Premier was referring to RUWASA and LUWASA which are the institutions dealing with water supply and sanitation.

During the visit, Majaliwa observed the lack of progress in many activities and noted that no wells had been drilled since the equipment was provided last year, while in other regions with similar equipment, wells are being drilled as intended.

Meanwhile, PM Majaliwa questioned the reason for the non-utilisation of motorcycles purchased by RUWASA in Lindi since 2021 for distribution of water to communities with mere claims of lack of registration.

“This is negligence; it is unacceptable that public funds are being wasted, and these motorcycles are now deteriorating in quality,” Majaliwa said.

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