Play key role in children moral upbringing, women told

MINISTER of State in the President’s Office, Public Service Management and Good Governance Ms Jenister Mhagama has urged women to play a key role in moral upbringing of children.

She also challenged them to motivate girls to opt for science subjects to significantly benefit from job opportunities in technical and technological areas.

Ms Mhagama said that women must make efforts to educate girl children, so that they can have equal competitive skills to secure jobs in science fields while remember to lay emphasis in fighting moral decay in the society which threatens cultural values.

She made the remarks in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday evening at the event organised by women workers at the Tanzania Port Authority (TPA) as part of activities to mark the International Women’s Day (IWD).

“TPA has placed many women in management and technical areas who are working well to serve customers. I want to remind you not to forsake your noble role of upbringing children and supporting girls to take science subjects so that they can also equally benefit from opportunities in scientific-technical fields,” the minister said.

She hailed women for being part of the TPA success, especially in serving local and foreign customers to access ports for cargo imports and exports which has made Tanzanian ports more competitive, hence generating more revenues for the national development.

Minister Mhagama said that the port of Dar es Salaam for example, has transformed online tools and digital methods for clearing and forwarding cargo, a move which has attracted many customers, making the role of TPA women workers to be recognised.

“TPA staff members, women included, are well positioned to ensure that our ports embrace creativity for value addition in meeting customer satisfaction. I appreciate the TPA management for granting women an opportunity to be part of the milestone achieved,” the minister expressed.

She added that hard-working women who are also committed to taking care of their families will be a panacea for promoting gender balance by motivating them to taking  science subjects hence to  enable them benefit from jobs that have traditionally been dominated by men.

Earlier, the Dar es Salaam Port Acting Human Resources Manager, Ms Mwajuma Mkonga told the minister that women working with TPA are involved in the management department and technical ones, where they work hard to ensure port activities are well on course.

“On the technical side, women are part of the staff involved in activities like driving highway trucks, operating forklifts, highway trailers, terminal tractors, and trailers,” she said.

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