PCCB investigates road, education projects in Katavi

THE Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) in Katavi Region is investigating eleven roads, health and education construction projects worth some 2.8bn/-.

PCCB Katavi Regional Chief Mr Faustine Maijo said over the weekend that during the monitoring and investigations they uncovered inflated charges in procuring building materials, violation of procurement procedures and delayed completion of the projects.

“Between April and June this year, PCCB investigated a total of eleven and initial investigations revealed that there were violation of procurement procedures and delayed completion of the projects,” he said.

Mr Maijo said in the second quarter of this year they recorded 62 complaints, of which 17 complaints did not relate to corruption while 45 cases are related to corruption.

“The investigation of other 45 cases is underway,” added Mr Maijo.

He further explained that during the period, four new cases were filed in court while 12 cases are in courts at different levels of hearing.

Mr Maijo urged citizens to closely follow up various development projects which are implemented at their respective areas if they are to realise value for money.

“I’m urging citizens to report to PCCB any incident related to misappropriation of funds or construction materials on the projects,” he said.

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