PCCB, DCEA join hands to fight corruption, illegal drugs

THE Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) and the Drugs Control and Enforcement Authority (DCEA) have agreed to cooperate and work together to strengthen the fight against corruption, drugs business and abuse in the country.

Speaking during the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement in Dodoma at the weekend, the PCCB Director General, Salum Hamduni said corruption is one of the catalysts for the flourishing of the drugs business and drug abuse in the country.

“There is a strong relationship between corruption and drugs, we have decided to join forces to control the vices which affect the development of our country,” he said.

“Apparently drug dealers bribe executives to silence them so that they continue with such illegal business, so this cooperation will help us to find out the truth and fight to stop these acts,” he added.

He noted that the cooperation between PCCB and DCEA also aims at providing training to their employees to help increase efficiency in dealing with corruption as well as the trade and use of drugs in the country.

“PCCB and DCEA will work together to provide education using various platforms including anti-corruption clubs in schools and colleges as well as encouraging students, youths and society in general to avoid these illegal activities,” said Hamduni.

In addition, he said the two institutions will also be exchanging important information that will enable them to deal with the trade and use of drugs as well as acts of corruption in society.

On his part, the Commissioner General of DCED, Mr Aretas Lyimo, said the cooperation will help solve the challenges.

He cited low awareness over negative effects of drugs as major factor for continued drugs consumption.

“We believe that through this partnership we will be able to reach many schools and use anti-corruption clubs in schools to convey drug education to many youths in schools and colleges” he said.

“If we can provide education and build good foundation to the youth and encourage the society to fight corruption and drugs, we will be building a better nation of patriotic citizens,” he said.

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