Passengers warned against boarding unlicensed boats

The Tanzania Shipping Agency (TASAC) has cautioned passengers against boarding unlicensed vessels that are in violation of current maritime laws.

The individuals who engage in risky behavior in Tanga Region are not only endangering their own lives, but also causing undue strain on rescue organizations, warns Captain Christopher Shalua, the Officer-in-Charge at TASAC Tanga Regional Office.

He was speaking in an interview at the TASAC pavilion at the Tanga Trade and Tourism Fairgrounds in Tanga City which was opened by the Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment, Conrad Milinga, recently.

Passengers must strictly adhere to all safety protocols when boarding licensed boats, he said and emphasized the importance of verifying the validity of boat licenses for the safety of all passengers and crew members.

“Ensuring that the boats are properly licensed is meant to enhance the safety precautions and guarantee that there will not be any hazardous risks during the journey,” he said, adding that hence, it is crucial to prioritize the safety of everyone participating in the boating experience.

According to him, TASAC has been actively spreading awareness in various coastal regions. “The reason behind it is simple – before enforcing the law, it’s imperative to educate people about it,” he said.

It is imperative, Capt Shalua pointed out, that vessel owners and operators adhere to the conditions of their license by refusing passage to passengers and instructing them to stop loading cargo ships.

“Such compliance is crucial in ensuring public safety, and those who fail to comply must be held accountable,” he added.

Emphasizing the importance of the Trade and Tourism Fair, he said it presents an exceptional chance to build connections with stakeholders and raise awareness about marine transport and other significant responsibilities accomplished by the TASAC.

Reports indicate that marine vehicles registered to carry cargo have continued to carry passengers, thus endangering people’s lives. “

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