Paramilitary members assured of improved welfare

ZANZIBAR: ZANZIBAR President Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi, has stated that his government will continue to implement effective measures to address the challenges facing the paramilitary forces.

He made this statement during his visit to the Isles Forces Department barracks, where he emphasised the importance of strengthening the forces to ensure that each unit performs its duties effectively.

The five groups or departments of the Zanzibar paramilitary forces include the Coast Guard, responsible for preventing smuggling; Prisons forces, which focus on the treatment, training and rehabilitation of offenders; Rescue and Fire Brigade; Volunteers forces and Economy Building forces (JKU).

While each group has specific tasks outlined in the Zanzibar constitution, they also support the police and Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF) in maintaining security.

During his weekend visit, Dr Mwinyi addressed the KUZ and JKU Forces in Kitogani, Hanyegwa Mchana and Saateni.

The President mentioned that the government has been in talks with some companies to provide the forces with better equipment on loan, with plans to gradually repay the debt.

Accompanying Dr Mwinyi, the Minister of State in the Office of the President (Regional Administration, Local Government, and Special Departments), Mr Masoud Ali Mohamed, stated, “Despite the challenges, members of the forces have been performing well, especially in maintaining peace and security in the country.”

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