PAPU members commit to transform postal services

ARUSHA : AFRICAN ministers in charge of postal services under the Pan African Postal Union (PAPU) have committed to encourage their governments through the PAPU General Secretariat to set priorities and develop innovations that will transform postal services.

The remark was made on Saturday by the Minister for Information, Communication and Information Technology, Mr Nape Nnauye at the inauguration of the PAPU Tower in Arusha.

Mr Nnauye said that the ministers in charge of postal services under the union will always motivate the governments to develop innovations that will transform the corporations under PAPU as well as improving postal services.

“I and my fellow ministers from the Member States in charge of postal services will always motivate our governments to set priorities and develop innovations that will promote development of the sector in Africa by providing quality services and change the image of our corporations under PAPU,” Mr Nape said.

In particular, Mr Nape assured President Samia Suluhu Hassan of continued cooperation with other ministers in in the Union to facilitate the development of postal services, by guiding the regulatory authorities to continue managing and evaluating the services to improve and nurture the sector.

Adding: “In achieving this, as the government we will continue to strengthen the involvement of the private sector in our corporations, this will help us to utilise emerging opportunities for social and economic development in Africa, such as agriculture, fishing, infrastructure, health, education, mining and other activities.”

Mr Nape said: “Africa has everything that makes this continent to develop, it is high time for the countries to do business within the continent.”

Moreover, he noted that the stable and correct way for the continent to liberate itself economically is for them to stick together and do business with each other.

He said Africa has no reason to continue pushing its wealth and resources outside the continent, saying if the countries stick together, it is possible for the continent to spur economic development.

“With the Pan African Postal Union (PAPU) we are ready to facilitate the improvement of the trade level between countries in the African continent,” the Minister emphasised.

He added “If through the postal services, we facilitated the liberation of the African continent politically through the same services, we can facilitate the liberation of the African continent economically.”

In addition to keeping records of the important building, the Tanzania Posts Corporation (TPC) in collaboration with PAPU has published a special stamp showing the PAPU tower and other tourism attractions available in Tanzania.

The stamps were officially launched on Saturday by the president as a sign of the official start of its use.

Tanzania is a member of PAPU which was established in January 1980, 43 years ago.

According to the Minister, Tanzania offered to host the headquarters of the Union, saying the decision of Tanzania came as a result of the 35th meeting of ministers of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) held in Arusha.

Nape said the government has fulfilled its responsibility to facilitate access to the plot and hand it over to PAPU to build permanent offices of PAPU’s Headquarters (PAPU Tower).

“After the government handed over the plot, it was seen that there was need to make the construction of this building to be strategic, that’s when PAPU and the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) entered into a joint venture agreement” he said.




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