PAC commends investment in natural gas projects

PARLIAMENTARY Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has commended the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) for ensuring productive investment in natural gas projects in Mtwara Region.

Speaking after a visit to Mnazi Bay Gas Field and Madimba Gas Processing Plant in Mtwara Region, the committee said the project indicates value for money.

“We (PAC) have seen value for money in these natural gas projects and we really commend TPDC for good management of the projects that have proven productivity,” said Bonaventura Kiswaga, a committee member.

Mr Kiswaga said the budget usually allocated in natural gas investment gives positive return, saying the committee will advise the government to allocate more funds in the coming financial year to develop further the projects.

“As we go back to the Parliament, we are going to advise the government to consider allocating more budget in the gas projects,” he said.

PAC Vice Chairman Japhet Hasunga echoed Mr Kiswaga views, saying the budgets always allocated for the development of the projects bear fruits.

He said the Parliament approved a lot of money in the previous financial year to facilitate the production and transportation of natural gas from Mtwara to Dar es Salaam for power production.

On the other hand, Mr Hasunga asked TPDC to invest more in gas transportation infrastructure in order to be able to transport gas, including extending natural gas supply network to many parts of the country as well as neighbouring countries.

Briefing the committee about development of Mnazi Bay gas field, Corporate Social Responsibilities (SCR) Manager for the project Mr Mark Kilembe said gas production at the field has for the last five years increased from 40 million cubic feet a day to 100 million in 2023.

He said Mnazi Bay Gas Project has the capacity to produce over 100 cubic feet per day, depending on the demand.

“The gas production here (Mnazi Bay Gas Field) depends on the demand from our customers but we have the capacity to produce over 100 million cubic feet per day,” he said.

Production of the natural gas at Madimba Gas Processing Plant rose from 45 cubic feet in 2015 to 105 cubic feet in 2023.

According to Plant Manager Engineer Sultan Pwaga, the production is expected to increase as the government starts extraction of more natural gas at Ntorya Gas Field in Mtwara.


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