Over 5.2bil/- collected in aid for Hanang mudslide victims

DAR ES SALAAM: The government announced today that it has amassed over 5.2bil/- in aid to support Hanang mudslide victims in the Manyara region since the disaster hit the area killing about 89 people.

The aid includes food and equipment donated by individuals, public and private institutions, both local and foreign organizations.

Chief Government’s Spokesperson, Mobhare Matinyi told reporters in Dar es Salaam on Friday that the donation includes a 2.7bn/- support from the National Relief Fund.

Mr Matinyi said the government plans to construct a total of 101 houses for victims on 100 acres of land. There will be 269 plots of which 226 will be residential, 26 both residential and commercial and 17 plots for social services such as clinics, sports, burials, worship buildings, markets and primary schools.

“Victims will be allotted plots where their houses will be built…now there is a creative completion of the house plans as well as making cost calculations and preparing the entire construction plan. We plan to use the operation model and the goal is to spend three months from January to complete the 101 houses,” Mr Matinyi said.

However, he said that the government has taken upon itself to cover all the expenses of students living in the affected area by providing all their school equipment such as uniforms, and books.

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