Over 330 students allowed repeat exams

The Government has permitted 337 students, whose examination results were invalidated, to repeat exams.

The National Examinations Council of Tanzania (Necta) nullified their results for various reasons including cheating.

The Minister for Education,Science and Technology Prof Adolf Mkenda announced this on Wednesday in Dodoma saying permission to repeat the examination is for those students whose results were invalidated and four others who wrote insults in their answer sheet.

“We would have said that these students to repeat the exams in the normal way as usual, but the government would have incurred loss of more than 1bn/- … the procedure of them to apply to seat for the examination along with their colleagues who are seating for form six examination this year for by the procedure prepared by Necta will help a lot to reduce costs,” he said.

The students will repeat to their exams along with w form six examinations which are expected to start on May 2, 2023, “so they will be put together when repeating their exams.

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