Over 2,600 DRC nationals flee for Tanzania

A total of 2,643 Congolese refugees have sought refuge in Tanzania through Kigoma since May this year.

The Western Zone’s Director of the Refugees Services Department in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Mr Sudi Mwakibasi said that the Congolese started entering the country in small groups early this month, but from March 10, this year, a sudden large influx of 300 to 600 Democratic Republic of Congo nationals arrived in Kigoma Region located in the Western part of Tanzania.

“Upon their arrival, they were interviewed and taken to the Nyarugusu refugee camp in Kasulu District pending for application for asylum which will be carried out by by the National Commission for Granting the Right of Asylum to foreign nationals (NEC),” he said.

Coordinator of the refugee department in the Western Zone, Nashon Makundi said that most of the refugees entered the country and huddled in the villages while others sneaked into Nyarugusu refugee camps.

On his part, Kigoma Regional Commissioner Thobias Andengenye advised the refugees to be patient while waiting for the process of receiving them and giving them asylum.

Stanley Goliath, a resident from North Kivu Province in DRC, said that in recent days, the fighting between the M23 rebels and the government forces has become serious and affected the lives of so many people, forcing them to flee for their lives.

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