Over 200m/- set aside for M-MAMA programme in Geita

THE Department of Health in Geita Region has allocated 218m/- for the implementation of the project of Emergency Transportation of Expectant Mothers and under five aged children referred to as M-MAMA to facilitate their access to the health services.

Geita Regional Medical Officer, Dr Omari Sukari, presented the budget recently during the regional M-Mama programme assessment meeting, adding that the budget will be used from this financial year.

He said, after the project was introduced in April this year, the implementation is expected to start soon after the review of the contract between the stakeholders, beneficiary councils and M-MAMA drivers is done.

“All the ambulance drivers have been trained on the programme, for them to fully understand how the M-MAMA programme will work on emergency transportation of both pregnant mothers and children,” he said.

He explained that 40 project managers have also been trained, adding that service providers at health care centres at council level will be sensitised for  effective implementation of the programme.

The coordinator of the M-MMA programme in Geita Region from the Pathfinder, a  Non-government Organisation, Mr Uriel Kinuma said all procedures have been completed for the implementation.

The Director General of the Tathmini Uhai,  also a  Non-Government Organisation, Mr Banzi Msumi, said the mission of the M-MAMA  programme is to reduce maternal and child deaths, saying an assessment carried out  revealed that the reason behind the problem is the long distance that expectant mothers travel  to the health centres to receive health services.

Geita Regional Commissioner Martin Shigela directed all the employees who will be involved in the management and implementation of the M-MAMA project to carry out their duties professionally so that the mission is  accomplished.


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