Over 20 tonnes of smuggled coffee intercepted 

AUTHORITIES in Kyerwa District have managed to intercept a consignment of 21 tonnes of coffee, which were being smuggled to a neighbouring country.

Kyerwa District Council Chairman, Mr Bahati James told a full council meeting held here on Wednesday that, the coffee was intercepted near the Murongo border.

“Several suspects with four vehicles and ten motor cycles have been arrested and were helping in the police investigations. People have been cautioned to avoid smuggling the cash crop because the offense   amounts to economic sabotage,” he warned.

Mr James also reminded farmers to ensure that they sell their coffee through their respective Agricultural and Marketing Cooperative Societies (AMCOS), because the government had put in place necessary logistics to enable them to get good prices.

“We commend President Samia Suluhu Hassan for implementing people- oriented projects that have positively improved their lives. The government-led interventions have enabled farmers in Kagera region to get attractive prices for their coffee sold through the AMCOS,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tanzania  Coffee  Board (TCB)  Regional Manager, Mr Edmond Zani, revealed that within a period of two months  over 35,000 tonnes of coffee were sold through on-line auctions, enabling Kagera farmers to pocket over 75.1bn/-.

“The government-led interventions have positively improved   farmers livelihoods in Kagera region enabling them to pocket over 75.1bn/- for 35,000 tonnes of coffee sold through on-line auctions within a period of two months. This is very commendable” he said.

Karagwe and Kyerwa districts   were leading by producing the   best coffee in their fertile plantations thus enabling the farmers to earn more incomes.

He explained that  during the auction held on August 31, this year Nyaruzumbura AMCOS from  Kyerwa district sold a total of 221,471 kilograms  of coffee where a kilogram of robusta was paid 2,215/-, Rwele AMCOS sold a total of 78,508 kilograms  at  2,205/-  per kg while Ngara  AMCOS  in  Ngara district sold a total of 61,775 kilograms at  2,090/- per kilogramme.

During the same auction, Ruhoko AMCOS  from Bukoba DC sold a total of 63,116 kilograms of robusta where a kilogram was paid  2,100/- while Buganguzi AMCOS  in Muleba district sold a total of 162 kgs of arabica clean at  4,005/- per kg.

He explained that the auctions are being held on Monday, Wednesday  and Friday covering  AMCOS  under the Kagera   Cooperative Union (KCU),  Karagwe District Cooperative Union (KDCU) and Ngara  AMCOS.

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