OSHA advises mines to adopt tech-driven approach for safety

ARUSHA: THE Trade Union Congress of Tanzania (TUCTA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Authority (OSHA) are encouraging other mining companies to adopt a tech-driven approach to workplace safety to comply with regulations.

The tech-driven approach to safety was demonstrated by Geita Gold Mining Limited (GGML) and helped them comply with occupational health and safety regulations.

The call was made when two institutions visited the GGML pavilion at the General Tyres grounds in Arusha during the OSH exhibitions, an annual event that coincides with World Health and Safety at Work Day.

The OSHA Advisory Board Chairman, Dr Adelhelm Meru, said that what GGML was displaying at the exhibition showed how the company was working with the government to improve occupational health and safety in the mining sector.

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He said the technologies associated with various devices, including the special ProLaser Speed Gun, are good examples that other companies can use to protect their employees from accidents caused by speeding vehicles.

Additionally, TUCTA President Tumaini Nyamhokya was pleased with the technology GGML was using to do its job.

“It’s made work safer and more comfortable for workers and their families. “These technologies are special and are designed to help the company live up to its values of health and safety in the workplace,” Mr President said.

“By monitoring vehicle speeds, GGML can hold drivers accountable for not adhering to speed limits. This, in turn, contributes to safer operations by reducing the risk of collisions, injuries and fatalities.

“The data collected by the ProLaser Speed Gun also allows GGML to identify areas where speeding is a problem and develop targeted interventions to address the issue.

“The mine also uses clear signage and road markings to remind everyone of the speed limits and provides driver training to equip its operators with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate safely,” he said.

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