Oryx takes clean energy campaign to Korogwe

THE Oryx Gas Tanzania has donated free gas cylinders and 500 stoves to various village government leaders and other groups in Korogwe district, Tanga Region, in its efforts to encourage use of clean energy.

The exercise in the distroct was preceded by training on the correct use of gas facilitated by Oryx employees led by the company’s Chief Executive Officer Benoit Araman .

Mr Araman said as the market leader in the distribution of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for domestic use in the country, the company continues to make investments in Tanzania for various groups of citizens to support the government’s efforts to encourage the use of LPG to reduce use of wood and charcoal.

The government pledge to give access to clean energy to a minimum of 80 per cent of Tanzanians by 2032.

These efforts include helping to encourage the leaders to abandon the use of wood and charcoal and move to cooking gas (LPG) energy.

“We believe that leaders represent people and a leader should lead by example. We all know that leaders have a great influence on the people they lead, so we at Oryx have decided to provide LPG starting pack to encourage leaders to convince others of the importance of energy change to LPG,” he stated.

Oryx operates one import station, eight gas storage facilities and modern gas cylinder filling plants as well as gas cylinder inspection and repair facilities.

On her part, Korogwe District Commissioner Jokate Mwegelo said the donation went along with launching of campaign for use of clean energy for cooking in the district, in suporting President Samia’s efforts to encourage use of alternative energy aimed at protecting environment.

She said the donated gas cylinders will contribute to saving trees that are cut down for making charcoal.

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