Organisation commits to support poverty alleviation initiatives

THE African Relief Organisation has expressed committed to providing various forms of assistance in the community, particularly in the areas of education and healthcare.

The remarks were made by the organisation’s Deputy Director Ibrahim Yussuf, who insisted that the primary goal is strengthening and supporting social sectors.

Mr Yussuf said at the occasion where the organisation purchased approximately 450 cattle that were to be slaughtered for distribution of meat donations to the communities in 13 regions in the country as part of celebrations to mark the annual Eid al Adha.

“We estimate that over 100,000 Tanzanians including orphanages will benefit from this initiative during the year’s 2023 ,” he said while explaining the entire process of the initiative.

“The main objective of providing aid to the communities is to foster unity and share with our neighbours and needy people because that is what Allah tell us,” Yussuf explained.

He added, “It is crucial to understand that supporting orphanages is our collective responsibility as a society. These children have lost their parents and they need our love, proper care and opportunities to be healthy and live hopefully.”

Moreover, he said by assisting them and providing them with quality education, healthcare and nurturing, it provides them a chance to become future leaders and contribute to the development of the community.

“By extending our support through financial assistance, provision of essential food supplies, clothing and empowering them with income-generating opportunities, we are actively working towards enabling these individuals to uplift their lives, break the chains of poverty and strive towards a brighter future,” said Mr Yussuf.

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