Online registration suitable for business sector

ONLINE business registration system which was introduced by the Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) in the country has continued to benefit individuals, while simplifying business activities and increasing efficiency since it was introduced in 2018, it has been learnt.

Licensing Officer from BRELA headquarters, Mr Fransice Filimbi told the ‘Daily News’ at the region’s Business and Investment Week in Kibaha Town recently that the number of individuals who are registering their businesses through the system was increasing on daily basis due to the ongoing awareness sessions provided by the organisation and by hearing good reports from individuals who have already applied the system.

“You can see how busy we are in our pavilion here receiving people who want this service.  This is enough evidence that there is a positive response from individuals who want to use this system, instead of travelling long distances to get their businesses registered,” he said.

He added that since the system came into place, trade officers in all district councils in the country have been working to make sure that individuals can access the services within their areas without difficulties and the results have been very positive.

“The system has proved to be very efficient since a person can get a certificate only three days after fulfilling all the processes of business registration online. This is quite the opposite of when the processes were done manually,” he explained.

He said that apart from saving time, the system is also cost effective and it has helped reduce complaints from business owners.

Services which are offered online include business names registration, registration of companies’ trade and service marks, registration of licensing of industries licences and certificate of registration, issuance of business licence category ‘A’ as well as innovations and patents registration.

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