Nyegezi Bus Terminal promises prosperity for Mwanza residents

TRANSPORTATION Infrastructures (TI) are essential in supporting the growing economy in any society or country in the world. It refers to the framework that normally supports the transport system of any kind worldwide.

TI includes roads, railways, ports and airports, and these play a great role in the development of people and the country as a whole. In supporting the smooth running of the TI, there might be in place some physical components that will support the sector. Those include bridges, tunnels, pavements, rail tracks, culverts, aprons and pipes just to mention a few.

For goods and passengers to be operated smoothly and successfully, there must be infrastructures such as airports, large bus terminals and ports for providing services to a variety of vessels that transport cargoes and passengers as well.

For transportation to take place, four components are essential, and they include modes that represent conveyance, mostly taking the form of vehicles that are used to support the mobility of passengers or freight, proper infrastructures, networks and the goods flow.

Conducive transport, according to experts, ensures everyday mobility of people and is crucial to the production and distribution of goods. In other words, the transport system is the controller of the country’s economy, and it offers a vital link between production and consumption.

Where there are strong roads or bus terminal infrastructures, transportation moves people and goods to different neighborhoods, cities, states and countries, and it allows people to trade and do business together.

It is due to this that Mwanza City Council leadership (MCC) has made significant investments in the construction of Nyegezi Bus Terminal, which is one of the strategic projects so as to provide services to people, business community and owners of the transportation vessels.

The MCC Executive Director, Mr Sekiete Yahaya told the Daily News recently in Mwanza city that construction of the strategic project involving Nyegezi Bus Terminal which its construction has reached 96 percent, is expected to start soon, providing transportation services, saying it has critical importance to the economic growth of MCC.

He said the MCC entered into a construction contract with a Contractor, Mohamed Builders Company Limited at a cost of 20.7bn/- for the construction of the project.

Mr Yahaya says the project is being constructed at a cost of over 15bn/-, where a total of 11.7bn/- has been used, its construction started effectively in October 2020 and was expected to be completed in April this year. He said the multibillion project failed to be implemented on time due to various challenges, including the delay of the material to the construction area on time due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said as a result, the contractor had requested for an extension of time until 18th of September this year to complete the project, and his application was submitted to the MCC leadership in March this year and it is at various stages of decision.

“The objective of this project is to increase revenues in our council and also to reduce dependency from the government subsidies”, he said.

He mentioned some of the work that has been executed and their percentages to include the construction of passenger buildings, the pouring of concrete building materials into the pillar for carrying water tanks for harvesting rainwater, completion of a vertical pillar, installation of horizontal pillars as well as construction of walls inside the terminal which is completed by 100 percent.

He said the completed bus terminal is expected to have a parking area that will accommodate a total of 120 buses and 80 small cars at once, 60 small shops and 14 supermarkets, three waiting areas, two toilets and 20 toilet holes.

He said the first floor will have a passenger building, two banks, two areas for food vendors, 38 ticket kiosks, nine shops, one six-hole toilet and on the second floor there will be 35 shops, two banks, one supermarket and four toilets with 37 holes.

In the economic arena, he said the project will help to increase the MCC revenues, modernize the city, create employment opportunities and it will help to promote business from other regions and neighbouring countries.

He said implementation of the project faced various challenges, including accessing some construction materials such as 26-gauge iron sheets to their scarcity and other building materials which were ordered from abroad and delayed reaching the port on time.

“The arbitrary rise in price of construction materials raised the cost of implementation of the project”, he said, and praised the President Samia Suluhu Hassan for providing funds to MCC for the implementation of the strategic project.

Some development stakeholders in the transportation sector, development partners and MCC residents praised the government for providing funds for the construction of the bus terminal, emphasising that the transport sector is going to improve and stimulate both the region and the country’s economy.

Mr Hamdun Mariseli, a Nyegezi resident in Mwanza city said construction of the bus terminal has significant benefits in promoting business to ordinary citizens and it will also increase the MCC revenue collections, which in turn will be used in providing health care, education services and other important servicesin the region.

The owner of Nyehunge Bus Company Limited, Mr Said Mohamed praised the government for the construction of the bus terminal, emphasizing that the government used its revenue wisely to provide services to its citizens.

“We are the ones operating in the transportation services in the region, so my expectation is to see the government provide the first priority to us and ensure that we get offices there and proper arrangement of our buses so as to improve our business as well,” he explained.

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