NSSF kicks out errant tenants

DAR ES SALAAM: THE National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has started removing tenants who are potential buyers of its houses over failure to comply with terms of contract.

The agreement requires a tenant to make upfront payment of 10 per cent of the total price of the unit within a month then the remaining 90 per cent is to be paid in 15 years for them to own it.

However, some of the tenants failed to meet the requirement, hindering the NSSF in running the project productively.

Due to that, the fund issued an eviction notice a month before plus 14 days’ extension to enable them make their payments but no one responded.

As a result, the social fund realised the debtors were dishonest, leading to their eviction.

“Tenants who don’t pay on time make it hard for the fund to achieve its targets. So today we are going to evict them and allow others to rent these premises,” Mr Geofrey Timothy, NSSF’s Property Manager told journalists.

The eviction for long-term debtors according to NSSF started at Kijichi area located in Temeke District where 20 houses in the area will be available for new renters after the evictions.

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Speaking about the demolition of houses belonging to invaders at Malela area at Toangoma, Mr Timothy said the demolition was supposed to start on Tuesday this week but it delayed due to incomplete implementation procedures.

The demolition process was spearheaded by the Temeke District Commissioner, Mr Sixtus Mapunda a few days ago when he visited the place to solve various challenges.

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