‘No one is above the law’

DAR ES SALAAM: PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan on Monday warned that no one is above the law and there is no freedom without limits.

In a bold, mind-blowing speech, President Samia pulled no punches, reminding politicians to use the existing freedom of speech wisely, while stressing compliance with the laws.

“No one is above the law and our agenda is to strengthen peace. If there is anyone who wishes to see this country tumbles into chaos that person is not part of us,” Dr Samia stated, when she officiated the opening of the special meeting of the political parties’ council and democracy stakeholders in Dar es Salaam.

“No freedom without limit, even cows have their ethics,” the Head of State insisted.

The meeting was meant to evaluate implementation of recommendations made by the taskforce formed by the president to look into the state of politics in the country.

Dr Samia pointed out that the government lifted a ban on political rallies, so that political parties could speak to the citizens about their plans.

She counselled politicians to use the opportunity for rebuilding their political parties ahead of the elections in 2024 and 2025.

“Make use of this opportunity to rebuild your parties by bringing back members who have quitted so that you can go to the elections while you are strong,” said President Samia.

“We didn’t allow people to go and violate the laws, to insult or defame others. However, I am also not surprised to see this because they have nothing to say to the citizens,” she added.

President Samia reminded Tanzanians that her decision to lift ban on political rallies was in line with her 4Rs ideology which stands for Reconciliation, Resilience, Reforms and Rebuilding and serve as a necessary tool in addressing the contemporary issues affecting the country’s social, political and economic systems.

She argued that whilst differing opinions are unavoidable, that should not serve as a driver for unrest in the country.

Dr Samia emphasised that individual opinions have to consider the country’s moral values, which include respect for others.

The president assured that the government was considerate when people offer constructive views with the aim of affecting the country positively.

“Let me tell you, we even have a team that collects good opinions channeled through social media,” she said.

President expressed dismay that some individuals were doing indecent things; something that those who had good parenting and religious teaching would never dare to.

After assuming the presidency, Dr Samia introduced her 4Rs philosophy; Reconciliation, Resilience, Reform and Rebuild, which serves a pillar for multiparty democracy and for economic prosperity.

Dr Samia underlined the need for building reconciliation, saying; “In building a better Tanzania I aspire to create a society that lives in harmony and understanding. I wish to foster unity regardless of our political, religious or ethnic differences.”

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