No cause for alarm, State tells foreign mission

THE government insists that the country is still safe, dispelling claims of terrorist related matters and civil unrest in Tanzania.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, Dr Stergomena Tax held a press conference in Dodoma yesterday, as she insisted that there was no cause for alarm.

Dr Tax was speaking after holding a meeting with diplomats representing their countries in Tanzania, saying the government was shocked by false and fabricated ‘travel alert’ statement of the KLM – Royal Dutch Airline issued last Friday.

According to the foreign minister, Tanzania was clear that issuing sensitive information related to security matters was under the discretion of the country as per the international protocols.

She insisted the country is vigilant as all relevant security organs remain on alert to ensure the citizens and all other foreigners residing in the country as well as their properties remain protected.

Minister Tax hailed foreign mission in Tanzania as well as international institutions for respecting the country’s laws, saying they should continue with their normal activities as the nation was safe and secured.

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