NMT launches programme to tap opportunities in tourism industry

THE National Museums of Tanzania (NMT) has launched a programme of motivating the youth at universities and colleges to promote cultural and heritage tourism and as well grab the available business and job opportunities in the industry.

Dubbed ‘Museum University Hub,’ the programme looks forward to complimenting President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan’s efforts to increase tourism earnings.

Elaborating, NMT Senior Education Officer Anamery Bagenyi further said it is also aimed at boosting the economy and creating awareness among the youths on cultural heritage, as one of the ways to motivate and preserve cultural heritage sites in urban and rural areas.

Adding: “The Head of State has already taken measures, including steering the Royal Tour film which has so far reaped benefits by attracting more foreign tourists to Tanzania.

“Dar es Salaam region has several cultural heritage sites which have untapped potential of attracting domestic and foreign tourists.  This programme would help young people be creative and preserve the sites and market them for creating jobs and employments.”

In her address over the weekend, Mr Bagenyi said NMT walked 100 cultural and heritage students from the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) to tour some Dar es Salaam city’s cultural sites with the sole aim of promoting them.

Some of the areas toured by the UDSM students included the artefacts found within NMT premises, monuments, oldest buildings and sites,  as well as historic, artistic, ethnological or anthropological social way of life.

“There are oldest standing buildings like Old Boma in Ilala District dating back to the 1800s, houses of worship, and others signifying the transition of Dar es Salaam city from its early times when it was known as a fishing village,” she highlighted.

The city tour was also aimed at making the youth to familiarise with cultural heritage such as different types of food and ways of life along the Indian Ocean.

Apart from conducting city tours, NMT also grooms the youth to have tourism ideas and how to tap them in a way that it becomes business opportunities for them to eke out a living.

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