NMB’s tree campaign entres western zone

NMB Bank has planted 5000 trees in Tabora as its make the country green campaign formally entres western zone.

The campaign was launched at the Kazima Prison and also the lender, one of the largest, used the event to windup another campaign that saw the planting of 1.0 million trees.

The Tabora Regional Administrative Secretary, Dr John Mboya, on behalf of the Regional Commissioner Dr Batilda Burhan, said the bank’s initiative if sustained will address climate change consequences in the region.

“Planting one million trees is not a joke but a monumental task that adds value to global efforts to contain effects of climate change,” Dr Mboya said.

He said the 5,000 trees were planted in the region last Saturday under the bank’s green crusade campaign.

“This obliges us to support the NMB initiative which gives top priority on efforts to protect the environment, because trees are not only a natural resource but also a reliable source of income,” he said.

NMB representative Mr Emanuel Akonaay, challenged Tabora residents to also adapt planting trees culture in their homesteads.

“The campaign to plant the new trees countrywide should be embraced and become a sustainability agenda,” he said.

He further said in the campaign, some 250,000 trees were planted by the bank in its NMB Western Zone that also includes Shinyanga, Katavi and Kigoma regions.

Mr Akonaay said the other strategy to ensure the campaign delivers the desired results was the involvement of students through the tree planting and nurturing competition for schools.

“Apart from encouraging tree planting, this competition also seeks to provide students and other young people with conservation education and increase their awareness of the importance of protecting the environment,” he said.

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