NMB on digital campaign to promote cashless transactions

NMB Bank has launched a digital campaign to promote a transition from cash to cashless transactions.

The campaign is dubbed ‘NMB Onja Unogewe’ under the Teleza Kidigitali umbrella, which involves QR Code payments for the security of the businesses’ and consumers’ money.

Mbeya Regional Commissioner Juma Homera commended NMB for its innovative service, which offers simplicity, affordability and security.

The campaign name itself is compelling and influential in changing people’s perceptions about inclusive financial services.

RC Homera said the launch of the campaign would help people in the cross-border trade facing various challenges such as theft, robbery, and loss of money.

He urged the residents in the Southern Highlands to embrace NMB’s QR Code for their daily sales and purchases to address these challenges.

Head of the NMB Branch Network Department, Donatus Richard, highlighted that besides the financial solution concept in purchases and payments, the Onja Unogewe Campaign also gives them pride as a bank for supporting the government’s goal of building an Integrated Financial System through their significant investments in the digital revolution.

Mr Richard emphasised that their bank takes great pride in their innovative financial solutions, which he considered as the key to their success.

Last year, they added value to the Teleza Kidigitali initiative launched in 2019 by introducing the NMB Pesa Wakala service, which facilitates easy deposit and withdrawal of money through mobile agents.

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