Nkasi residents sigh of relief after bridge completion

RUKWA: THE completion of the 37metres long Kavunjo Bridge in Nkasi district Rukwa region has brought great relief to residents in the area.

The 1.6bn/- bridge eased the movements of people, goods and services to and from Korongwe, Kirando and Kazovu villages in Kirando ward along the shoreline of Lake Tanganyika, the world’s longest freshwater body.

Scores of residents said that the bridge erased the memories of ‘hell on earth’ days due to the difficulty faced crossing over the flooded river, particularly during the rainy seasons.

“During rainy season we could not afford to cross the flooded river to and from the two villages. Practically we were cut off,” said John Adam from Kirando village.

Another villager from Kazovu, Mr Moses Ulimboka, said they are thankful to the government for improving transport infrastructures, including the Kavunjo  Bridge.

“The improvement also helps us raise our incomes,” said Mr Ulimboka, who is a farmer.

One of the bodaboda rider, Mr Said Ahmed admitted said they did not expect the bridge linking Korongwe, Kirando and Kazovu villages to be in the state they are currently witnessing in comparison to the rainy season, when crossing the river was a nightmare.

“We have all reasons to smile since the bridge is very crucial in economic development,” Mr Ahmed said.

The Rukwa Region Acting Tanzania Rural and Urban Agency (TARURA) Manager, Eng Lameck William said the bridge construction cost 1.6bn/-.

“The construction works of the bridge has been completed by 100 per cent which has eased the movement of people, goods and services from the precinct” he added.

Nkasi District Commissioner Mr Peter Lijualikali said the bridge construction serves as the economic and social gateway for the residents in the area.

He urged residents to safeguard the constructed infrastructure to reduce costs in renovating them, which he said is a burden to the government.

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