NHIF: Trash Toto Afya Kadi infob

TANZANIA: The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) has asked citizens to be aware and take precautions against misleading information on the procedure for registering children through the package known as Toto Afya Kadi.

NHIF was prompted to make the clarification following some false information circulating in the social media that the actual cost for a child’s registration is 35,780 per year and 95,780 for a five-year period and also asking parents to send their children’s information through a WhatsApp number.

According to a statement issued by NHIF Marketing and Public Education Manager, Angela Mziray the information is false and the fund neither registers nor receives information through WhatsApp.

“We don’t even receive membership contributions through WhatsApp. But also, the fund continues to register children in line with their parents through health insurance packages, where contributions depend on the choice made by the parents.

“These include the relevant package and the number of people joining or through the general registration of students and the schools they attend where each child will contribute 50,400 yearly,” she pointed out.

Elaborating, she noted that the member’s contributions are paid through the government’s payment number (control number) provided by the fund after completing the registration and not otherwise.

NHIF is a government entity operating under the Ministry of Health (MOH) with the main objective of ensuring accessibility of health care services to people.

The Fund considers health insurance as a societal affair rather than an individual need and thus operates under the principles of risk sharing and solidarity among members.

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