Ngorongoro relocation gathers pace

ARUSHA, Karatu: A SECOND batch of Ngorongoro residents left for Monduli, Meatu, Arusha, Simanjiro and Handeni districts midweek, harbouring hopes of their new surroundings.

At least 11 households, consisting of 43 people and their 36 livestock got flagged off here, as part of the government coordinated voluntary relocation exercise.

Seeing off the residents, Ngorongoro District Commissioner Raymond Mangwala commended the group for making a wise choice as the government strives to strike the balance between conservation and people’s livelihoods.

According to Mr Mangwala, volunteering residents are given options of moving to their preferred destinations and not necessarily Msomera Village, in Handeni District.

“Since this exercise began, many thought the government had designated Msomera as the only place for the residents who are ready to move out of Ngorongoro Conservation Area to move to. Such a claim is baseless and unfounded,” he said.

Just like during the first batch, the second group will also be duly compensated by the government, according to Mr Mangwala.

Relocation of residents in the second batch started in September 23 this year, where a total of 87 residents and 740 livestock moved to their new surroundings in Handeni, Karatu and Monduli districts respectively, in a government-coordinated exercise which seeks to ease pressure on the NCA.

At least 3,010 residents and 15,321 livestock have shifted to Msomera Village in Handeni District, since the exercise started mid last year.

Last month, Suma JKT agreed to start the construction of 5,000 houses for those willing to relocate to Msomera Village in Handeni District.

Already, the government has set aside 97bn/- for the task which kicked off early October.

Giving an update on the relocation exercise, Senior Assistant Commissioner Mdala Fedes said apart from the social services that continue mushrooming in Msomera village, more housing units will also be built by the income generating arm of the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF).

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