NGO out to rescue the elderly

ARUSHA: At least 115 elderly people in Moduli District have been provided with food aid, courtesy of Community Development Empowerment Organization, through its Divine Care Mercy Africa (DMCA) program.

Those who benefited from the support include elderly persons living in Sepeko and Lashaine wards in the District, where the organization also built homes for some of them.

Speaking here recently, DMCAs Program Manager Godwin Kaaya said the project seeks to ensure the elderly lead better lives hence increase longevity, boost independence, and stave off dangerous health conditions.

“It targets the elderly, widows and children living in vulnerability to improve their lives, especially in terms of accommodation and food”, he explained.

Mr Kaaya laid emphasis on supporting the elderly saying they were the backbone of society and that maintaining their health was an investment in human and social capital.

On her part, a Community Development Officer with Monduli District Council Crisensia Shine described the elderly as a ‘precious group’ of people.

She said: They are the revered members of our family, wise sages, and keepers of traditions.

According to Ms Shine, it was important to take good care of the elderly with a view of bringing comfort and ease in their lives and eventually add to their emotional and mental wellbeing.

“It is at this stage of life that most people require more care and support. And, it is most certainly our responsibility to assist them in receiving such luxuries”, she added.

The non -profit Organization whose mission is to advance pro-life healthcare through programs that serve those in need, and educate and inspire caregivers and medical professionals.

One of its missions is to also take care of the elderly Tanzanians through a feeding program for the vulnerable and a free home for those in need.

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