NGO our to empower women, youths

THE Tanzania Economic Empowerment and Environmental Management Initiative (TEEEMI) is building capacity for women traders at Kilombero expansive market so that they can tap into opportunities around them.

Dubbed: ‘Fostering Economic Alliances and Responses for Women market Entrepreneurs’ (FEAR WOMEN), the initiative targets at least 150 women who eke out their living at the market.

Among other things, the project is poised to address some of the recurring challenges facing the women, according to chairperson of the Non-Governmental Organization, Yoeni Mkiramweni.

“This project has a purpose of empowering women and youth, through a commitment of promoting financial resilience and digital inclusion with a view of enabling them to challenge oppressive and discriminatory practices in the society,” revealed Mr Mkiramweni, during an interview with ‘Daily News’ here midweek.

The TEEEMI Chairperson said the NGO focuses on contributing towards the realization of sustainable community development where the society enjoys full social, economic and environmental benefits.

Expounding further, the programme coordinator Nancy Japheth said the initiative will delve on various aspects, as far as women’s social and economic welfare is concerned.

“It will feature women from all walks of life with a view of building capacity and networking,” she explained.

Ms Japheth challenged women to work in synergies in addressing the challenges that have for a long time, been curtailing their economic prosperity.

“This can only be achieved if you all have a common interest when confronting your challenges,” she added.

Established in 2019, the Arusha based NGO partners with other stakeholders at the grass root level to remove limitations through participatory approach and empowering.

It is propelled by the vision of a community with an empowered women and youth, living in a good environment, healthy and better livelihood.

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