Zanzibar riots pure act of hooliganism

Zanzibar riots pure act of hooliganism

Islam is a sacred institution with a massive following made up of God-fearing, peace-loving and morally upright individuals. It is, therefore, utterly disgusting to associate it with such peace-disruptive behaviour as it happened in Zanzibar. It is encouraging to note that one of the Islamic follower groups in the Isles associated with the disturbances, Uamsho, has distanced itself from it all.

During the riots, several churches and bars in addition to some properties belonging to Tanzanians of Mainland origin or “Wabara” were either set ablaze or looted. Disgusting still, this is not the first time such incidents targeting church property are happening in the Isles.

Tanzania is constitutionally a secular state where all faiths enjoy equal treatment, peaceful co-existence being the keyword.
The events in Zanzibar, therefore, deserve utmost condemnation from all peace-loving Tanzanians as there is no justification at all for violence; whatever the reason or cause.

Yet there is another dimension or factor to the riots apart from religious ‘sentimentalism’ -- and that is the reflection of anti-unionism; that is the presence and action of the sides opposed to the continuation of the 48-year-old Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar. The union is a key issue that features in the terms of reference for the constitutional review team, which has just started its work.

The team comprises members from Zanzibar - across the political divide, which means all views, appreciative and dissenting, will be taken aboard. Let Tanzanians from both sides exercise patience and give the constitutional review team time to collect views on the Union.

Such riotous action as it happened in the Isles is, therefore, unnecessarily disruptive and ill-timed. But most important of all is that there should be no further disruption to peace in Zanzibar. Law-enforcing organs, led by the police force, should be on constant alert to check further faith-motivated violence in the isles as it is divisive, diversionist and destructive.

Churches, mosques and all other houses of worship are holy places that must be respected by all the people irrespective of the faiths they subscribe to. Let there be reason and restraint in Zanzibar.

We need to stick to code of ethics  and conduct for public service

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has expressed concern ...

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