Yes PM; RCs, DCs must walk the talk

Yes PM; RCs, DCs must walk the talk

So, the workshop is expected to equip the newcomers with the rudiments of leadership. When opening the workshop, Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda did not mince words in demanding hard work, sincere commitment and heart-felt service to the people. It is the expectations of many that all the leaders who are gathered in the new capital designate are aware of the challenging tasks that lie ahead.

National development remains stymied due to shoddy leadership, a situation that has seen a number of projects stalled. Projects that have been designed to speed up development don’t appear to be on good footing. These include agriculture, livestock, water, energy, small-scale and heavy industries, fishing, forestry, infrastructure and transportation projects.

Yet, Tanzanians foresee economic prosperity because macro-economy indicators show that the country is on the right track. The nation is among the 20 fastest growing economies in the world.  Yet again, despite this delightful fact, Tanzania remains poor. The leaders now in Dodoma should take the cue and oversee reforms in agriculture, livestock rearing, fisheries and promotion of the industrial sector. 

Tanzania is endowed with thousands of hectares of arable land and a lot more natural resources, including colossal mineral deposits. It is also home to hard-working people.  This country has no reason to be poor. Yet it ranks among the poorest in the world.

The leaders gathered in Dodoma should, therefore, get their act right and ensure maximum utilization of all available resources to alleviate poverty. It is a shame, for example, for regions in the Southern Highlands to have surplus food rotting in farmers’ homes while the people in other areas faced acute food shortages. All regions should, therefore, strive to maintain good levels of food security.

The RCs and DCs should also work indefatigably to collect government revenue, boost income per capita and fight social ills such as crime, including graft.  Hopefully, the RCs, DCs and other high-ranking government functionaries will come out of the Dodoma retreat more enlightened, more dedicated and more committed. 

Transparency is the way forward

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