Yes, Mr President, the House has started to ‘tick’

Yes, Mr President, the House has started to ‘tick’

In the report, the CAG revealed rampant embezzlement, dubious transactions and outright theft of public resources in government ministries, agencies, local authorities and other institutions. Several parliamentary Standing Committees exposed a multitude of malpractices and recommended disciplinary and legal action against the culprits.

The committees implicated several ministers in the “rot” and called for their resignation. Some opposition MPs went to the point of initiating a motion for the vote of no confidence in the prime minister, should the implicated ministers refuse to take responsibility. The proposal for the vote of no confidence in the government also won the support of a few legislators from the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM).

In his speech at the climax of the International Workers’ Day in Tanga on Tuesday, Mr Kikwete said that he was happy the MPs were doing what they are supposed to be doing. He admitted that CAG’s reports had for many years saddened him by consistently revealing embarrasing information on the widespread and shocking “rot” in public offices.

The president thanked the MPs for effectively discharging their constitutional role in pushing the government into action and promised to act accordingly as soon as possible. According to the country’s constitution, apart from its legislative role, the National Assembly is the principal organ that has authority to oversee and advise the government and its instituitions in discharging their respective responsibilities.

It is hoped that the MPs, irrespective of their political affiliation, will keep up the spirit by giving their views frankly and honestly to win the people’s confidence. It is not a secret that some years ago, many people regarded the National Assembly as a not-so-serious institution.

Some people even described the institution as a mere “rubber stamp” of the government that cannot bite despite powers vested in it by the constitution. Looting, corruption and all other evils must be dealt with swiftly and deterrently. As the president rightly pointed out in Tanga, our legislative assembly has started to tick. Let it continue to be so.

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