Yanga wait for FIFA letter

FIFA directed Yanga to pay Njoroge the said amount after the left back lodged an appeal to the body following the failure by Yanga to commit themselves to the payment. 

Yanga Secretary General, Mwesigwa Celestine, told the ‘Daily News’ that his club has not received the letter from FIFA and will, therefore, not act on the matter.  “We (Yanga) have not received the letter from FIFA and therefore I will not comment on the ruling whose letter has yet to reach our club,” he said. 

He said the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) was supposed to present the FIFA letter to Yanga but the club had, as of yesterday, yet to receive the letter.  “The letter is still in TFF hands, thus, you better ask the federation’s officials why they have not presented the letter to us,” added Mwesigwa, insisting that his club will be in a better position to issue out its decision on the matter once it receives the letter. 

TFF Information Officer, Wambura, admitted that the federation had yet to present the letter to Yanga as of early this week but it did so yesterday.  “It is true we had not presented the letter to Yanga but we have done so on Wednesday,” said Wambura.  Njoroge was among several foreign and domestic players, whose contracts were terminated prematurely by Yanga almost two years back, prompting the players to lodge complaints to the Soccer Players Union of Tanzania (Sputanza) seeking compensation. 

Other players are goalkeeper, Steven Marashi, Malawian centre back, Wisdom Ndlovu and striker Ally Msigwa.   Despite efforts by Sputanza to ensure the players receive their payments, not much was done on the part of Yanga and that forced Njoroge to seek support from a much higher decision making body in the sport, namely FIFA. 

FIFA then ruled in favour of Njoroge and directed Yanga to see to it that it pays the player within 30 days, otherwise the club was risking facing punishment.  According to a ruling by FIFA’s Dispute Resolution Chamber, which was signed by the federation’s secretary general, Jerome Valcke, an interest of five per cent will be charged on the fine should Yanga fail to pay Njoroge within the stipulated period of time.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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