WMA warns cheating gas vendors

The Calibration Manager at WMA, Mr Richard Kadege, said on Wednesday at the ongoing 36th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF) when asked why gas measuring equipment has for the first time been exhibited at the trade fair.

He has urged agents to procure gas measuring equipment and ensure that the equipment quantity of the gas indicating gross weight, net weight and tare weight to avoid cheating customers.

According to the law establishing the agency, gas equipment should indicate quantity of gas being sold to a customer to avoid cheating. The top should indicate gross weight, net weight and tare weight.

He noted that Weights Act section 340 and its amendment of 2002 as it reads that failure to indicate correct weights and measures is a criminal offence.

He said that WMA will continue to remind the public that they should be keen with such measurements when they purchase gas.

He pointed out that it is the duty of the agency to ensure that all weights and measures being used in business transactions countrywide are approved to avoid cheating consumers.

For the first time, they are showcasing the measurements of gas as a commodity whose measurements and labels are to watch out for, as its daily use has gone up in households.

The challenges, he said, is that many gas agents do not have weight measures.Some defaulters, he said, can declare measurements which do not correlate with the actual size of the product, which is tantamount to false declaration.

"They declare a certain amount but on the inside, it is false packaging," he said."The consumers do not have that awareness. It is easy to be cheated when you do not know how to find out weight specifications," he said.

Meanwhile, a special Unit in the Ministry has been formed to specifically deal with gas as a commodity in the market.Gas consumption in Dar es Salaam has lately shot up with dealers bringing the commodity in almost all city suburbs.

At the same time, the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation  (TPDC) natural gas pipeline from Ubungo to Mikocheni light industries area has already started, signalling the growing use of the commodity and relevance to every day life.

When completed, the pipeline would have connected some industries and 57 residential houses.The aim, according to TPDC, is to connect more industries and residential houses in the city and other parts of the country with affordable source of power in order to reduce power costs, pollution and deforestation and hence improve livelihood.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporters

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