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A vote of no Confidence

Nothing new, well that was, until we were bedazzled with the vote of no confidence. No confidence in Baba Lao, alias Mr. Prime Minister. Who knew that such a provision existed? More importantly, who knew that a Tanzanian could read through the fine print to find it and mention it in Bunge?

Who knew that the Tanzanian people could hold Ministers accountable by forcing Baba Lao to either do something or have something done to him? Who knew? That is definitely something new! The whole concept of the vote of no confidence is very foreign to the Tanzanian people.

We are a submissive bunch. A few shillings here and some gifts for the gullible there, and we are ok. We take what we are told; humbly listening to promises of a better, brighter tomorrow. What if we could apply the vote of no confidence in our everyday lives? At the work place when the boss is about to make a huge bungle of buying fake spare parts from China so he could make his 25% cut.

Or when the office assets are being used by the bosses’ side chick that coincidentally has a stationary shop. Or perhaps when it is evident that the HR manager is on a mission to recruit everybody from his village. We could also apply a vote of no confidence in schools. One for the teacher who insists in doing after school classes only for the girls students who just can’t seem to pass his exams.

Or a vote of no confidence to the teacher who ignores bullying claiming that bullied students must toughen up. Or even a vote of no confidence for the teacher who has students selling maandazi and chapatti for her. These votes of no confidence can be taken on the perpetrators who we lack confidence in and stern swift action taken. But before we get carried away with all this stern swift action, we must analyze carefully.

Despite the vote of no confidence having the massive power to improve our lives and make us all a happy, cheerful bunch, we must only apply where necessary. Because after all, no one will support a girl’s vote of no confidence for her boyfriend, who won’t reply timely to text messages.

No votes will be cast for the guy whose girlfriend who seems overly friendly with other men. No votes will be given to the meddling motherin- law who can’t stop calling to ‘check up’ at odd hours of the night. And you won’t have my vote for neighbors who have endless parties to the wee hours of the morning.

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